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State of the County continues focus on re-energizing

IN BRIEF: The 2013 State of the County address focused again on the theme of reenergizing andreuniting the county, highlighting accomplishments in the past year and priorites for the coming year.

Among the accomplishments named was the launch of road maintenance projects funded by the penny sales tax, the building of 7 miles of PATH trailways in the county and the completion of the Lorraine Trailhead, completion of the Irwin Bridge renovation, feeding 40,000 meals to homebound seniors, stablization of the E-911 center workforce, reporting a slight net profit for Rockdale Water Resources for the first time in five years, and establishing payments for water customers by phone or online.

Rockdale County retained its ISO rating of 4 (with 1 being the best rating and 10 being the worst), and 9 in certain areas. The ISO rating assesses fire protection in the county and impacts homeowner insurance rates.

Commission Chairman Richard Oden thanked the county staff and team of directors and congratulated departing Chief of Staff Greg Pridgeon, who resigned for a Vice President position of a small company. "I know I get anal sometimes. But the teamwork is what makes it work," said Oden. "As a quarterback, if you don't want to go in the game, I'm going to call the play."

Maryalyce Phillips, a board member with Keep Rockdale Clean and Beautiful organization, was named the winner of the Charles P. Cole Citizens Involvement Award. "Little did I know picking up a little trash would get me here," said the72-year-old grandmother and Choral Guild member. "This is such an honor."

Just in the way it takes a village to raise a child, she said she discovered "It takes many communities to keep a county clean."