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Starbound dance studio owner answers questions
photo Starbound dance studio storefront porterdale

This question-and-answer session came from an email response from Starbound Dance Studio owner Valerie Odom sent over the weekend.

Q: Why did the business shut down? And why did it shut down on such short notice?

A: The business shut down due to a lack of money to keep the doors open. The short notice was because I was trying my hardest to keep it running. I fought til the bitter end to keep those doors open.

Q: Why have you not been responding to parents recently?

A: With regard to responding to parents, the business number was my personal cell phone number that I had to change when I closed the business. However, the email for the studio is still open.

Q: Are you going to pay the parents back? How much will you refund them?

A: With regard to refunds, as mentioned in the email I sent to all of the parents for whom I had email addresses, I fully intend to refund them. I just told them, and I reiterate now, that I don't have a time frame for when that will be happening. What they will be refunded for was also mentioned in that email.

Q: Are you leaving Newton County and selling your home?

A: Whether or not I am moving out of Newton County is truly no concern to anyone and certainly not to the whole of the citizens of this county. The sale of my home also is of no concern as it has absolutely nothing to do with the dance studio. However, no, my home is not up for sale.

Q: We saw media reports about a previous Chapter 13 bankruptcy. Obviously some people believe that financial past has bearing on this current situation. What is your response to that?

A: Addressing the Chapter 13 bankruptcy, that was completely paid back and discharged over four years ago, which is well before I began working in Porterdale and long before opening that studio. I think it was malicious for it to have even been brought up.