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Something for everyone

You can find a regular old bar any day of the week, but how many places can you find close to Covington where you can watch drag shows once a month, cheer on midget wrestling every so often, and hear bands play – as well as shoot pool, get your dance on and have some tasty drinks and yummy food? Maybe you’re a wizard and know of these places – if so, hit me up to hang out one weekend, but if you aren’t a wizard you can thank me for letting you know about Fuzions in Monroe. Unlike some bars, it isn’t sketchy – in fact me and my girlfriend went there alone last weekend for a show and no one tried to abduct us in the parking lot, and the staff was so friendly and down-to-earth, they came out and watched the show with us regular folks. And the waitress called me “doll” all night, which gives them an extra check in my book for using awesome mafia lingo. They seem to have a different thing going on every night almost, and this weekend Great White – yeah, the 80s hair band – will be there. So if you go, make sure you polish up on your hair ballad lyrics so you can sing along.


Price: It varies