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Snow make up days Feb. 17-19 for RCPS
Rockdale school board approves make up days in 6-1 vote; check back later for more
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IN BRIEF: Rockdale County Board of Education approved the make up days recommended by the Superintendent for last week's snow days to take place Feb. 17-19, during the winter intercession, which is a designated make up day period. Students and staff will be in school Feb. 17-19 and out of school Feb. 20-21. The 2013-2014 year is a 170 student calendar.

The board approved the make up days in a 6-1 vote, with school board member Sharon Pharr voting against. She asked Superintendent Richard Autry to look at more alternates in the calendar for snow days/inclement weather days going forward. Autry highlighted the importance of having as many student learning days before important tests that take place at the end of the year rather than adding school days after the tests. He suggested possibly highlighting the possible snow make up days in a different color on the school calendar in the future.

The vote was taken after RCPS received about 5,000 responses from a phone and online survey that went out at the beginning of the week.

The vote took place Friday morning, before a previously scheduled fair dismissal hearing for a former Edwards Middle School teacher, who did not show up to the hearing.


RCPS revised 2013-2014 school year calendar