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Sign ordinance sent back for revisions
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IN BRIEF: Rockdale County's sign ordinance is headed back to the planning commission after months of discussion in an attempt to clarify the new version before it is adopted.

Areas of concern include the wording for obsolete signs, prohibitive signs, sign devices, portable signs, weekend directional signs and campaign signs.

"We need to go back through the process to make sure we have it right rather than jump into something," Planning and Development Director Marshall Walker told the commissioners during a meeting held Tuesday. He said the decision to take the ordinance back to the planning commission is based largely on advice from county attorneys who believe the wording needs to be clarified.

"We don't want to move hastily...but at the same time many in our small business community throughout this county are waiting for a final read of this ordinance and we've been on it for a long time," Commissioner Oz Nesbitt explained.

Commissioners hope the ordinance will be revised and ready for adoption in October.