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Several arrested after house party
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A house party hosted by a 16-year-old led to several people being arrested Saturday.

A report from the Covington Police Department said officers responded to a home at Jefferson Village Boulevard, after receiving complaints of loud noise, improperly parked vehicles and juvenile problems coming from a house in the subdivision.

CPD Capt. Ken Malcom said officers arrived to the area and monitored the traffic situation, but witnessed an unidentified individual running out of the house and a male screaming at another female, which he said appeared to be a domestic dispute.

"One of the officers went up and attempted to make contact with them (the male and female). When they did, they asked the individuals to come towards officers," Malcom said. "(The man) refused and he started running back towards the house. The officer kept giving verbal commands for him to stop and come towards him."

"As he was approaching the house, he was alerting people to come inside the house and that the police were there."

Malcom said a number of people were in the home, close to 100. He said officers were able to make entry into the house and that several people started running out the back, jumping off the back deck.

Officers were able to speak with a 16-year-old male at the house, who Malcom said lived at the home and hosted the party.

"He (the 16-year-old) was interviewed and obviously he was intoxicated. He was charged with consumption of alcohol by a minor," Malcom said.

He added that another 16-year-old male was charged with possession of a firearm, as he tried to conceal a loaded pistol.

Malcom said other arrests included William J. Wynter, 20 of Covington for possession of marijuana; a David Calhoun, 19, of Covington and Ashely Wise, 20, of Covington, who were the renters of the home, were charged with disorderly house.

Montrez Gordon, 18, of Covington, was charged with the obstruction of an officer.