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School taxes on table for Acuity incentives
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The issue of possible school tax abatements over five years for Acuity was brought up at Thursday night's meeting, at the request of the Conyers-Rockdale Economic Development Council, said school board Chairman Jim McBrayer.

McBrayer said CREDC Director Marty Jones had approached himself and Superintendent Autry with the idea.

"It was the joint response that in the interest of good community partnership the school system would be willing to further communications if the city, county and economic development team were all in favor," said McBrayer. "It was made clear this did not represent the Board of Education as a governing body."

Autry added, "I don't want to represent this board unilaterally. While we know we all are looking for funding streams, we also want to make sure growth and new growth is recognized as a quality of life issue for this community... If the city leadership, county leadership and Board of Education were all on board we could move forward for discussion."

School board member Mandy North asked if this abatement would be on all Acuity property in the county, including existing property. McBrayer and Autry replied it would be for new development, not existing property.

"We would be losing what we don't have right now," Autry said.

"Right now it's dirt," said board member Brad Smith. "In five years we'll collect tax on developed property which will be a lot more (than dirt)."

Autry added, "I appreciate the fact we were involved in the conversation. In my tenure that has not always been the case."