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Rollin with the homies
Roller Derby

Ever wanted to watch a bunch of tough girls beat each other up? Then do I have a great idea for you this weekend… Roller derby! But it’s more than just chicks fighting with each other for a win. It’s a show of some majorly talented women athletes. I’m always in awe of people who can skate and not have to roll into the wall of the skating rink to stop like I do. This is after a childhood full of skating lessons too. I would be able to rock at roller derby only if tripping someone because I face-planting in front of them was considered a “move.” But it’s a crazy, fast-paced sport to watch, and it’s definitely thinking outside the box for a fun weekend show. So go out and support some tough women this weekend, and you’ll certainly have stories to tell around the water cooler come Monday.


Price: $15