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So we're having Tea parties now? As usual, the construction worker/old rock and roller turned gadget geek in me was tuned in to my iPod when it was all going down. I have been slightly preoccupied considering I'm about to marry the most wonderful woman in the world (sorry guys I got here first).

Still, somehow I managed to stay under my rock too long and missed the hoopla surrounding the Atlanta Tea Party on the 15th until we had dropped the girls off for Wed night church and were biding our time until our own classes started. My fiancée asks, "where have you been? You haven't heard that they were doing this?" in reference to the radio announcement that the party was starting. I almost went and got the girls out of church and headed for Atlanta.

I believe, for one, its high time we (the actual people in this country) did something to send the message to them (the government who seems to have forgotten we actually exist). Secondly, I believe its very important that we involve our kids in such an act.

Maybe its just me, but for most of my life I have been taught or developed the opinion that there is very little we can actually do about the junk that goes on up there (Washington).

They are just gonna do what they do in spite of how we really feel, we vote for Joe Regular and he goes there and becomes the next snake trying to figure out how to pad his pockets and those of the big spenders that got him there.
Frankly, I'm so sick of it I sometimes crawl under my ipod rock just so I don't have to hear about the next scandal or abuse of our money. Ever think of moving to Aruba? I digress.

So why Tea parties? Because there is nothing more appropriate. Look at the connections: 1770s - King George imposes taxes that hack off the colonists but they take it. He pushes further and they start standing up.

Now our "new king" Obama is handed the ever-intensifying clash and what does he do? He Pulls a King George of his own. Back then Ole George says "that's fine you don't have to pay those mean old taxes, we'll just make sure that you have to buy your tea from the East India Trading Company and we'll impose an enormous tax on that staple of life."

Now, Obama says, "if you don't make 250,000 or more you will not see an increase in your income taxes, even by a dime" (you don't have to pay those mean old taxes!) but, "what we're gonna do is have you pay a very increased tax on your gas, food, your electric bill, or anything that is manufactured, grown, or shipped in and call it an energy tax" (your Tea)
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My questions are; 1.When the heck are we ALL standing up for what's right? 2. Hey Obama, how do you like your Tea, in the street or in the Sea?

Tim Rupard is a columnist who lives in Loganville. He can be reached at