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Reply to "Our Thoughts: Say What"
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Dear Editor: A good writer would do his or her homework by investigating perceived accuracies or perceived inaccuracies, by going to the source. If the editorial writer of this fantastic newspaper would have contacted me for clarification regarding my statement as "two sheriffs," I would have gladly told him I was simply referring to a partnership. There is currently no relationship with Chairman Oden and the Sheriff's Department. Not because of Sheriff Wigington, I might add, but because the idea apparently isn't as important to the Oden Administration as it would be to mine. My administration would usher in a completely different paradigm. All I want to do is provide my officers with everything they need in which to fight and prevent crime in the county.

Additionally, since when does the idea of paying Rockdale County police officers comparable to the officers in Atlanta a bad thing? The officers of this county are the best in the state, in my opinion and deserve to be paid accordingly. If you disagree with my assertion, that's fine. I read some statistics recently which showed there were two substitute teachers being paid more than some officers in this county. That I find to be deplorable. I think often of the death of Officer Brian Mahaffey who was gunned down here in Rockdale County while doing his job. I also think often of his lovely wife, family and children who will never see him at the dinner table again. As a former elected official, I never voted against my police officer's needs. I'm not looking for credit, I'm looking for results. My campaign isn't about platitudes; my campaign is about addressing the needs of the lives of human beings in Rockdale County, in spite of how you and others try and label me. I'm not interested in the title of Chairman; I'm interested in doing the job of Chairman.

Unless we are all working together, this county will easily fall to irreversible levels. I came from a city (New Haven, Conn.) that was once labeled a "Model City." That model city is now ranked fourth in the nation as one of the worst and unsafe cities in which to live. I know exactly what I am talking about.

Moreover, you also mentioned that I am lying to the voters. This I construe as being a very serious indictment on my character and on my family. You don't know me, but I'd love to get to know you. I have not met a person who is so great I need to lie to them. Perhaps lying is something others are comfortable with, but lying has never been a part of my make up. Those who truly know me will attest to my character. I'm a lover of Jesus Christ, I've been put on earth to serve, I don't use profanity, I don't drink alcohol or use drugs, I've never had a speeding ticket nor caused an automobile accident, I don't have any felonies and I have a huge affinity towards senior citizens and young people. That, my friend, is the true definition of who Brian L. Jenkins is. Am I perfect? Absolutely not. But I challenge you to produce someone who is. It's apparent that this paper has decided to do the bidding for Richard Oden. I would only suggest that to prevent making your support from looking so obvious, you might want to practice on being a little more fair with your pen.

Brian Jenkins