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Re: Health Bill editorial
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Dear Editor: Let me take this opportunity to commend the publisher/editor regarding the Nov. 14 editorial 'Health Bill vote, Our thoughts...' It is refreshing to see some common sense in an analysis of a major issue such as this Healthcare legislation. I have written many times to 'Hank' Johnson on this and other issues (for example, John Linder's FairTax bill, HR25) and if he ever replies (which is rare), he makes it clear that he will support only a socialist/Marxist position on any proposed legislation, although he doesn't specifically use that terminology. It is painfully clear that he does not want any legislation that promotes individual freedom or a free market system. Of course I agree with your opinion that Johnson marches only in lock step with Pelosi far left mandates. It is unfortunate that he ran unopposed in the most recent election cycle and at this point I see no one who may be a viable challenger. Do you??

For your information: AJC's 'Saturday Opinion' page also had an article related to this health care issue, including an analysis of that oft-raised opinion by the left that "everyone has a right to health care," written by Neal Boortz (Nov. 13, "Moochers Need a Free-Market Dose"); he uses reason and logic to destroy that premise. A good read!

You also have a very appropriate political cartoon on the 'Opinion' page (Gorrell's 'DIG IN,).

I must say that I have enjoyed your publication. Thank you for your good work.

Vince Przybyszewski