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Protesting TSPLOST
IMG 5939
Protester Linda Rudolph distributes anti-TSPLOST stickers. - photo by Michelle Kim

IN BRIEF: About 30 protesters from a wide range of sometimes opposing groups turned out Tuesday in Olde Town Conyers with one thing in common - opposing the transportation sales tax referrendum, or TSPLOST, on the July 31 ballot. Representatives of the Rockdale County Think Tank, South Rockdale Civic Association, DeKalb NAACP, Unhappy Taxpayers and Voters and owners of small businesses came out on the corner of Milstead and Main, waving red signs. Some protesters said they wanted to see more money go to MARTA while other protesters said they were unhappy that so much of the funds collected in the 10-year penny sales tax would be going to mass transit. Many did not like the idea of having another tax. Halfway through the hour-long protest, a Rockdale County Sheriff's Office deputy asked organizers to stop using the bull horn as it was interrupting court services inside the court house. About 10 people with signs in support of the TSPLOST took up the opposite side of the intersection, but refused to talk to about why they supported the referrendum or to give their names or the name of the group they were with.

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