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Police respond to domestic violence call
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A woman locked herself in her van after reportedly being abused by her boyfriend on Sunday.

Police responded to the scene shortly after 9 p.m. to find the Conyers resident taking refuge outside her home, with her face covered in blood from her lips to ears and her T-shirt stretched and ripped on the back side.

The officer knocked on the front door at the home to find Richard Rider wearing a T-shirt with several smears of blood.

When asked what happened Rider said nothing, then stated he didn't know. The officer then returned to the victim, who stated

Rider became upset while watching a football game and then went up stairs. While Rider was upstairs, the victim called her ex-husband. When Rider came back downstairs she hung up, and then stated that she was pushed onto the couch and Rider got on top of her.

She stated that she tried to kick him off her and that's when he began hitting her several times. When Rider stopped she went outside and locked herself in the van.

The victim said this was not the first incident and Rider was arrested for battery-family violence.

On the Rockdale County jail, Rider talked about the incident without being asked any questions. He said that the victim had gone upstairs and when she came back down she was bleeding. Rider said that he got blood on him when he tried to hug her.

Catalytic Converter stolen

Police responded to a theft complaint in the Ride Share parking lot at the Church in The Now on Sept. 9 around 5 p.m.
The complainant told the responding officer that the catalytic converter had been stolen from her 1997 white Toyota 4-Runner.

Upon checking under the car's exhaust pipe, it appeared the catalytic converter had been cut out with a saw.

The victim said that she parked the car at approximately 5:45 and that there was nothing wrong with the exhaust system. When she returned at approximately 4:50 p.m. she said that her vehicle engine was extremely loud.