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Pearson looks at suing Rockdale County
Saga between Rockdale Probate Court Judge and former Probate Court worker may not be over
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CONYERS- The saga between Rockdale County Probate Court Judge Charles Mays and former Probate Court worker Freya Pearson may not be quite as over as Mays ‘ team proclaimed it was last month.

On Tuesday, Pearson sent an ante-litem notice to the county to warn them about the pending litigation she planned to file against the county unless the county resolves Mays' alleged $20,000 debt to her. The county is required to be served a notice within a year if they are to be sued. Pearson said this notice was served to preserve her right to sue the county.

"Unless this matter can be settled immediate, I will file suit against Rockdale County, its employees and any other people that might be responsible," Pearson writes in the notice.

Pearson then continues by stating the county and its employees may be held responsible for several crimes and immoral acts, including, but not limited to, theft of services, sexual harassment, abuse of authority, slander, intimidation, "creating situations to assist, instead of deter Charles Mays behavior," and "failure to do your jobs."

She cites Mays specifically for "just being plain stupid & incompetent."

"If you want to discuss this claim and paying me, then I will make myself available to talk with you at my convenience," Pearson writes. "However, you should know that I will sue Rockdale County unless we can reach a settlement that is agreeable to me."

Pearson confirmed the document had been issued by her and not from the office of her attorney Mike Waldrop, who also serves as the attorney and solicitor for the City of Conyers. Waldrop said no decision had been made whether he would be involved in any lawsuit against the county. He represented Pearson in a warrant application case that had been filed and dropped in Rockdale County Superior Court. He said they did anticipate filing for the warrant application in Rockdale County Magistrate Court.

Waldrop said a warrant application for criminal charges and a civil lawsuit would be two separate cases. "I anticipate at some point they will both be pursued."

The back-and-forth between Mays and Pearson and began eight months ago when Pearson, throughWaldrop, had applied for an arrest warrant for Mays for theft of services felony regarding approximately $20,000 of back pay she alleged is due for work on setting up a mental health or veteran's accountability court.

At press conference last month, Gary Washington, Mays' attorney, announced that Pearson and her attorney filed a motion to dismiss the application for an arrest warrant against Mays without prejudice.

"It is over. It is finished. It is done," said Washington, during the press conference held at the Hawthorn Suites, 1659 Centennial Olympic Parkway, Conyers.

However, Waldrop would later tell The News in a phone interview the reason they filed the motion was because DeKalb County Superior Court Judge Linda Hunter, who heard the case on April 15 after Rockdale's judges recused themselves, "made it clear she felt like matters like this should be handled in Magistrate court. They were better positioned to handle cases like this. She felt like it would be a better use of the court's resources."

"It's neither over, finished, nor done," Waldrop said at the time.