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Pave the Path on Saturday
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With the push for a greener environment clearly en vogue, this is a good time to put down the car keys and pick up the bike helmet and running shoes.

Saturday, the bike committee of Conyers, otherwise known as the path and related issues subcommittee of the economic development committee of downtown development authority of the City of Conyers, has organized the third edition of Pave the Path.
Pave the Path is a 10K and 2K Fun Run/walk and Metric Century Ride through Conyers to raise awareness about transportation alternatives, such as cycling and walking/jogging.

The 10K begins at 8 a.m., followed by the 2 K at 8:15 a.m., leaving from the train depot. The 6.2 mile course will run through Olde Town Conyers and tree-shaded streets offering a scenic tour of Olde Town.

The run is in its third year, after starting in 2008 with a 10K run of about 30 participants going through Alexander Lakes.
Last year the event featured 180 participants and added the bike ride.

"This year we're pushing for more people," said Eddie Shirey member of the bike committee and Conyers Covington Cycling Club.
The bike ride begins around 9 a.m., with no mass start. The course can be ridden at 29 miles, 35 miles or 64 miles.

The ride begins at the train depot with two loops of approximately 32 miles with a rest stop at the halfway point of the welcome center in Olde Town.

With moneys raised from the past events, the bike club has put together presentations on cycling, sponsored a bicycle friendly community workshop, started Sunday rides for beginners, and put on a Bike Fest at Pine Street School in the fall.
The committee not only reaches out to the community but stays in touch with councilmen and administrators of Conyers to advance their cause of alternative transportation.

"They are people from our community who are active cyclist that want to see our community improved by their being transportation alternatives other than cars," Shirey said.

For information and registration forms for Pave the Path visit or or email or register on line at