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Our thoughts...Representing Rockdale
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There is no question that Rockdale County wants and needs a representative whose district is largely in Rockdale County.

Our hopes to accomplish this are high because of the redistricting that is about to occur after the recent census results are released.

Unfortunately this decision is not controlled by us in Conyers, Rockdale. So we have to depend on the myriad of current representatives to help promote our desires for support from State government.

One of our newly-elected representatives, Pam Dickerson of District 95, we believe is working hard to represent her constituents well. We are glad to have a Rockdale resident in the seat, and she is for sure doing a better job than her predecessor Tony "No Show" Collins. But her responsibility is torn between being our representative and representing Newton and Gwinnett counties.

Recently in addressing the Leadership Rockdale group, Dickerson and our three other representatives expressed the feeling that having four representatives that partially represent Rockdale was better than having one representative who would give the majority of their attention to our growing needs and concerns.

We understand the reasoning, but we would urge representative Dickerson and her colleagues to rethink their thoughts on this matter.

In the end, elected officials answer to the voters. If there are more voters in a representative's district in another county than there are in Rockdale, their responsibility and attention will go to where they have the most voters, as it should be.
We need and deserve at least one majority representative in the state Capital. Nothing else short of that will be acceptable.