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Our Thoughts:Christmas Spirit
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If you’re like us it’s even harder to get in the spirit of things with the economy still in the pits, a government we can’t trust and crime everywhere.

If you don’t feel in the spirit, let us suggest a few things you can do that we are pretty sure will make you feel good.

If you know someone that is struggling this year, go by a couple bags of groceries and leave them at their door. You don’t have to tell them who left them such a nice surprise. If you’re in the grocery store and the person in front of you is struggling to pay their bill offer to pay half or all of it.

Instead of speeding through your neighborhood to go anywhere or to get home slow down if you see a neighbor stop and tell them Merry Christmas; it’s sure to bring a smile.

If you have children or grandchildren hug them a little tighter.

Make time to visit church, and thank the Good Lord for the many blessings you do have.

These are all some thoughts to help your spirit this Christmas season. You might also call someone if they had done something for you this past year and tell them thanks again for helping you.

If you know someone in the military, and especially if they are serving away from home, make sure their family has what it needs to enjoy their Christmas away from the family member they love.

All of us here at the paper smile and enjoy the spirit when we think you might be enjoying our efforts to bring you a true community newspaper.

So with days left, it’s time for you to get the spirit. We will watch for smile a true give away of a true Christmas Spirit.