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The cornerstone of any community is the strength of their schools and how, as a community, they provide for the future well-being of their youth.

The Rockdale county schools have done their part in helping to insure that the citizens of Rockdale County are meeting that great responsibility.

The Adequate Yearly Progress results were announced this week and for the fourth year in a row, Rockdale County Public School system and every single Rockdale County school met or exceeded the requirements.

Also this week, it was announced that the Rockdale Schools saw a graduation rate of 81.3 percent, the highest in eight years since No Child Left Behind accountability began and far surpassing the state average of 75.4 percent.

The administration, teachers, parents and students of the Rockdale County Public School system deserve a big round of applause for achieving these goals.

The day that Dr. Samuel T. King was hired to run our school system was the day that pride and accomplishment became the order of the day in our schools in Rockdale County.

We are indeed fortunate to have his personal leadership and the leadership he has brought to the school system.

Our community is a stronger and better place because of it.