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Our Thoughts: Water Rate Study
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The Water and Sewerage Authority and Rockdale Water Resources are holding meetings to discuss why they feel water and sewer rates should be raised over three years to the tune of 15 percent.

A study commissioned by the Authority and RWR and done by the Raftelis consulting firm recommended the increase.

This study cost the authority $132,000, which includes a $32,000 overrun from the original $100,000 contract.

This seems like an excessive amount to us, especially from an agency that’s crying for more revenue.

Rockdale County prides itself on  its past wise judgments on dealing with water, but before any increase is passed onto users of the water and sewage in the county, especially one of this magnitude, the Authority needs to provide its stakeholders a complete and thorough report on its expenses.

Then, and only then, should a decision to raise rates be done.