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Our Thoughts... Trash
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At least one of our editorial board members has traveled on the roads in Mexico near the border towns. The trash on the side of the road is so bad in places that it completely ruins the natural beauty of the area.

Unfortunately that same build up of trash on our local, state, county and city roadways is doing the same to our beautiful countryside.

We realize that money is tight and that there is no extra money available to keep roadways clean. So we would like to suggest some ideas on how we can accomplish this mission.

Maybe for punishment our local judges could have offenders spend some time out in the fresh air, paying for their indiscretions picking up trash.

We are sure some of the prisoners at the local county jail would enjoy the exercise on those nice spring days as well.

Since the unemployment rate is so high in our county, maybe we could have some of those folks actually work for those extended unemployment checks.

But the best thing though would be to think and not throw out trash to begin with. There is no excuse having our beautiful city and county looking like a third world country.

If you or your group decides to volunteer to clean up our county roads, please let us know at We would be proud to put your picture in living color in the Rockdale News.