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Our Thoughts: Trash
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If you’ve ever spent time in Western states like Arizona and California, then you’ve probably had a hard time becoming accustomed to the trash strewn along the byways and highways by people who apparently had no respect or concern for the beauty of the land they were defacing. We have been more than pleased by the pride and concern that Georgia residents and government have for keeping our state pristine and beautiful.

 One of our greatest weekend joys is cruising the countryside of Rockdale and Newton counties admiring the beauty of the creeks and fields, the farm animals and the wildlife.

 Georgia welcome signs greet visitors with the motto "Georgia on my mind." Georgia always is on our minds, but that mind has become clouded lately.

  During the last month, we have seen excessive amounts of trash along our roads; some folks are not just throwing out their food wrappers but dropping whole bags of trash beside the road or using dead end streets and vacant houses as illegal dumping sites.

 It brings a tear to our eyes to see this wanton disrespect of our county and roadways.

  We hope our local judges would include in any sentencing that people be sent to clean up our roads. We hope that would make you think twice about throwing anything out of your window. Please, save it until you get home.

 If you see someone throwing trash out on our byways, please use your cell phones and report them to your local law enforcement officials.

 Georgia is truly a beautiful state; it takes all of us to keep it that way.