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Our thoughts: Taxes
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You know it's the end of spring because it is budget time for our public entities.

We have, over the last couple of years during our tight economy, fought hard against raising millage rates.

So far, we have reviewed the efforts of the City of Conyers and the local schools to reduce expenses from the current level.

We think that there are some honest efforts to do so.

If we want to see our schools continue to improve and to serve the needs of our children here in Rockdale County, we might have to have a slightly higher tax rate this year. The same is true with the city if we want to continue services at the level that we are accustomed to. We might have to have a higher tax rate.

We only ask that if this is a necessity that our elected officials be straight and to the point about this. Don't tell us that in raising our tax rates that we won't be paying more because of the lower evaluations.

Every person who owns property in Rockdale County hopes their value will increase soon. When that eventually happens, the taxes will reflect that increase and then the taxes being placed now will show up in a big way.

So the bottom line is that if the millage rate is increased this year, it is going to hit your pocketbook sooner or later in your future. And you need to understand that fully.