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Our thoughts: Superintendent
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We think there is no doubt in the mind of any Rockdale County resident who believes that good schools are good for our children that good schools also present a positive image that attracts good taxpaying business to our community.

Dr. Samuel King for the past seven years has built a foundation of success that helps make our school system one of the most improved and applauded in the state. With the shedding of the shackles of No Child Left Behind program, we see nothing stopping us from soaring. We are fortunate to have avoided losing such a talent in recent months. We are relieved that Dr. King backed out of a possible move to Louisiana.

But our elation is going to come at price because a person of Dr. King's experience and stature deserves higher pay and higher benefits. As future negotiations go on in regards to Dr. King's contract, we need our elected school board to be wise and understand that we have a small community that has to have a limit on what we pay good quality people, whether we want them to stay or not.

We hope Dr. King is with us for many years to come, but it can't be at any price.