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Our thoughts: Shop local
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Last week the Obama administration was almost giddy with excitement about the news that the Christmas season shopping seems to be going better than hoped.

It seems that at least two of the areas with higher than anticipated sales were Arlington, Va., and Washington, D.C. Of course, both communities are dominated by federal employees, so that is part of the reason statistics are higher.

It would be great if our community was a part of that statistical success.

As we do every year, we encourage you to try to do your Christmas shopping locally.

We understand that with everyone trying to pinch their pennies, it can at times be easier and less expensive to buy online. Just remember, after you make an online purchase, you are not going to be able to service the product you have purchased locally, nor are you going to be able to talk to a real human being if you encounter a problem.

It might cost a few pennies more up front to shop locally, but the peace of mind you will have after the sale if you do have a problem is more than worth the cost.

If you have doubts where to purchase your gifts, read our paper. The folks we carry are local; they pay their taxes here and they share the same pride in community as you do.

Shopping local in these hard economic times is not only the good thing to do to support your community, it is the right thing to do.