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Our Thoughts: Red Light Cameras
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We were startled to see that the city of Conyers was entertaining an idea to install cameras at certain intersections in the city in order to ticket drivers not heeding the stop lights.

We believe that local law enforcement should ticket any person who does not obey the law at these traffic intersections and that local judges should levy the appropriate fine for breaking these laws.

However, for many reasons, we are staunchly opposed to  the city installing red light cameras to any intersection in order to create these tickets.

There have been many communities across the nations who have installed this type of technology and they have become sorely and financially disappointed.

We wonder how much time is actually wasted in our already crowded court systems by folks who receive a picture ticket in the mail and who were not driving their vehicle when they appeared on Candid Camera.

We also feel strongly that if you are to be ticketed for a violation of any kind, it should be by a human being — not a computerized camera.

The city of Conyers is not yet big enough for us to have this intrusion of Big Brother into our lives.

We hope that city officials will let this thought die a quick death.