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Our Thoughts - Ramsey
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Personally, we think our state Senator Ron Ramsey is a nice guy, but we don’t feel that as a state representative of the voters of Rockdale County, he has shown that he really cares.

He attends community meetings mainly at election time. Last week, he was a no show at a Chamber-sponsored legislative breakfast.

We suppose it is possible that he truly is so busy taking care of his personal job with the DeKalb schools or taking care of the needs of the DeKalb community to bother with us.

What we find interesting is that after all the discussion of curtailing the freebies from lobbyists our legislators receive in this last legislative section, in a report in the AJC, Mr. No Show found the time to receive a free Braves ticket from lobbyist Trip Martin to attend a Braves game on April 29.

Senator, we just expect one thing from you — be our senator and take the time to pretend you care about what happens here in Rockdale County.