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Our Thoughts: Political Signs
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One of the ugly curses of the political season is to have to put up with seeing campaign signs sticking up all over the place. Because of the rain, some are already falling apart.

Quite frankly, we have never voted for someone because of his or her political signs. We have, however, voted against a candidate because of his or her political signs.

The state of Georgia and our city and county have rules affecting the placement of signage on public right of ways and on private property. Candidates are also prohibited in school policy from campaigning at public school events and property.

You can be assured that if a potential candidate or his or her followers already flout established restrictions and ordinances with their signs, they will have no regard in enforcing the laws of the state if elected.

Speaking of using campaign signs, one candidate, a former member of the Georgia assembly has taken the step to write "re–elect" on his signs even though in the last election he was defeated. This might be legal to do, but trying to fool people into thinking that you are the current representative is as close to being unethical as you can get.