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Our Thoughts: Pets
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Occasionally,  as we drive around the county on one chore or another, we see stray animals wandering the highways. We see animals tied up in backyards with no place to  go when the cold weather hits us like we are supposed to experience this weekend.

Being animal lovers ourselves it breaks our hearts to see such animals mistreated.

If you have the privilege to have an animal that is your responsibility to love and care for, than do it. If you can’t or won’t, then turn them into animal control. That would be less cruel than treating them with no care at all.

If you know someone that is mistreating their animals report them to the Rockdale County Animal Control. Their shelter is located at 1506 Rockbridge Road and they can be contacted at 770-278-8403.

During this cold weather please take the extra time to insure that your animals are protected from the elements; it’s the right thing to do.