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Our thoughts: Pay freeze
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We hate to see anybody who works hard not receive increases and bonuses. Most local entrepreneurs and big business located here in our county and city have had to tighten their belts as far as expenses are concerned during this economic crisis. As a result, many fine employees have not received increases for the past years.

City officials made a tough decision this past week; they agreed to put a freeze on all increases and bonuses for city employees in order not to have a millage rate increase next year. Last year, the city council voted to increased their millage rate.

We personally know that we have a group of hard-working, dedicated city employees. We know most care for their city.

We also know that having their pay frozen is a lot better than losing their jobs and that the sacrifice will turn out in the long run to help their neighbors not to have another tax increase to contend with at this time.

County employees have made similar sacrifices and have not had cost of living increases since 2008. But the majority of the head elected officials of the county of Rockdale have not had the courage to hold the tax line for their citizens for the past two years.

We hope that they will note the city's action and be as concerned for the economic burdens of the majority of their constituents.