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Our Thoughts: Not much sense
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There is a great deal of time and money spent locally to attract business to our community. In doing so we show the prospective businesses that we are a great community to work, play, live and serve.

So it doesn't make sense that such an uproar was made about awarding a school contract to Lexicon Technologies, a local company, for warranties on the school system's new tablets.

First, the bid was posted and multiple companies were asked for proposals; the only company to respond with a bid was our local company, Lexicon.

Second, who cares if the owner once served on the school board. That's what people who care about their community do; they serve on committees and school boards and the like.

They say in any group or organization, 20 percent of the people do 80 percent of the work. In a community this size it's inevitable that those who care enough to volunteer end up wearing multiple hats and at one time or another are going be involved with an agency whose head they have worked with on some community project or another.

We respect the right of anyone to question government deals, and some of them do smell fishy. But this one passes the smell test.

We are glad that local company Lexicon Technologies won this bid and that our tax money stays home with a responsible, business-minded steward. That should be any government agency's goal: keep the money home when possible and support our local industries and businesses.