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Our Thoughts: Marijuana
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The New York Times editorial board recently called for the Federal government to legalize marijuana in the United States. As far as we are concerned this is a new low for a paper that had at one time some credibility.

We are not prudes; we enjoy a drink from time to time and we have associates who smoke the good old weed in their home from time to time. But to endorse the wholesale use of this product is at best just plain dumb.

Here we are in this country spending billions of dollars discouraging people from smoking. We have let a minority group like Mothers Against Drunk Driving change the social drinking laws in this country to the point that if you are out to dinner and have a glass of wine and are stopped, not only are you publically shamed but the cost to try to gain back your driving privileges is astronomical.

Two states Colorado and Washington have made marijuana legal in a short period of time; the unforeseen consequences of  the impediment that smoking this drug causes is just now starting to be understood

The state of Georgia is studying allowing the use of marijuana for medical use; if in fact marijuana helps people in deep pain, we accept that as long as there are tight controls. Unfortunately just as the pendulum of life does not stop in the middle ever, opening the door to the legalization of marijuana for medical use in Georgia is just going to open the door for the full legalization of marijuana in the state of Georgia.

We are opposed to this; if you are too contact your state representatives today and let them know your feelings.