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Our Thoughts: Lunsford
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We were pleased to see that the BOC voted unanimously to appoint Jackie Lunsford as director of the county’s parks and maintenance department.

We do have concerns on the process that was used before that decision was reached.

We are not quite sure who actually made the final decision on the vetting process for this position, but having two other finalists — Corliss Davenport, a former principal who resigned just before the cheating scandal came to light in Atlanta and Marilyn Drew, a DeKalb parks and recreation official who was convicted of discrimination and later fired — on the final list is more than puzzling.

Whoever was in charge of this should at least be taken to the proverbial woodshed and sent to some classes on how to vet future county employees.

A great deal of families moved to Rockdale County to get away from the gutter politics that prevail in Atlanta and DeKalb County; we don’t need to give the gutter folks a chance to get their fangs into everyday Rockdale life.