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Our thoughts: Independence Day
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Next Wednesday is a day we celebrate one of our greatest gifts from our deity - the birth of the greatest nation the world has ever known.

As we celebrate 236 years of our country's existence with our families and friends, we do so with the knowledge that the freedoms and principles pursued in 1776 are still strong and hold true today.

On Thursday of this past week, the Supreme Court of the United States passed down a ruling that stunned a great deal of Americans.

The court by a vote of 5-4 upheld the basic tenants of the Obama health law.

We are not going to offer an opinion on this decision today. We are instead going to remind you that after a decision by the nation's highest court on this heated issue, instead of riots in the street or gatherings of mass protest, Americans are satisfied to have the freedom to openly express their thoughts on this matter without fear of punishment and will have the freedom to vote at the ballot box in November to express their true feelings.

This is what our founding fathers envisioned in 1776; this is what we naturally expect and this is why we are still the greatest nation on earth.

Happy Birthday America and may God continue to reign his blessings down on us.