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Our thoughts... Holiday Weekend
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As we approach the July Fourth holiday weekend, a time that is traditionally celebrated with parades and fireworks and patriotic activities, we would like to remind our readers that it also has the potential to be a dangerous weekend.

We urge you to take caution with the following activities:

Fireworks - Please use any kind of fireworks in a controlled setting. Fortunately this year we have had plenty of rain, but remember it only takes one spark to start a fire. Please do not allow children under 18 play with fireworks alone. We are sure we have some readers who have lost limbs or eyesight because of carelessness in dealing with fireworks.

Guns - Some people find it exciting to shoot bullets in the air in celebration of our independence; remember, the bullet has to come down somewhere. Bullets fired in the air in innocent celebration has hurt or kill a children before. Just last year, a 4-year-old in DeKalb County was killed by a bullet falling from the sky, a bullet that had been shot into the air in celebration, while he was sitting in church.

Drinking - It is fun to have a few cold ones with your barbecue, and if you are not going anywhere it’s up to you how many you consume. But if you are going to travel anywhere after a few drinks, or you are driving a boat on the water, your actions affect all of us. Please have a designated driver. If you can’t find one, drink iced tea; there is nothing more refreshing than ice-cold tea.

Swimming - Many of you have pools, and including those pools bought at local department stores. Remember that little children can drown in just a few inches of water. Lock your screen doors or outside doors to keep them from wandering out to the pool area without supervision. Better yet, keep your young children in sight at all times.

Some of our local rivers and streams might look mighty inviting; be cautious. There are currents and rocks and deep holes that are dangerous even for the best swimmers. We have already lost a couple of our local folks to drownings this year, and we don’t want to add to that number.

Cars - If you need to go to the store or want to shop this holiday weekend, do not leave children or animals in locked cars, even with the windows open. In this weather, it doesn’t take long for a young person or animal to die from heat related injuries.

Animals - Keep your animals in the house in the evening of the Fourth. The sounds of merriment sometimes scare our furry friends and they can bolt. There is nothing sadder than to see a lost pooch by the roadside.

Enjoy yourself this weekend and be safe. Watch for next week’s paper to see all the fun activities that have happened.