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Our Thoughts - Graduates
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This is a grand week for the Class of 2013. As they walk across the stage to receive their diploma to the sounds of cheers from friends and family, they will soon discover that the innocence of the past age has ended forever and a new chapter of their lives begins.

Many will head on to college. The difference between this generation and past generations is that going to college is not the sure-fire guarantee of a good job and a good life.

In order for that to happen, the new graduates will have to quickly identify their career path and to have a chance to succeed, the new college students will need to take classes that actually are designed to help them with achieving their goal.

We suggest that time be spent with an internship in the career you choose; we also suggest you acquire full knowledge of the business life you wish to choose.

As expensive as college will be, you will need to for sure allow yourself some time to have fun; but the days of your grandfather, of partying and playing your way to a degree, are over.

Of course you do not have to go to college to succeed; our society has been built by dreamers and hard workers who never set foot in college.

But as it was generations ago to succeed without a high school diploma, today it will be harder to succeed without a college degree.

To the Class of 2013, we offer you our best wishes and hope that each of you will soar to the highest heights.