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Our thoughts... Good neighbors
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We have always felt that things work best when there is no government involvement.

We are more than pleased to see that a group of local churches are opening their doors and hearts to their neighbors. This group is organizing under a national volunteer program called Family Promise of New Rock.

The four churches committed so far to the program include Epiphany Lutheran, Smyrna Presbyterian, Oasis of Hope Church of God and St. Pius X Catholic Church.

This program has through the efforts of churches been providing shelter, meals and support services for families for over 20 years across the country.

We commend our local churches and their congregations for their care and passion. In Rockdale County, there are few paces that families in hard times can take shelter in and stay while they’re getting sorted out. And this is also a way for residents to give back in the most basic, hands-on way to their neighbors.

But it’s not enough to praise others that are stepping up to the plate. The group is still looking for nine more churches to join the program. Without additional participation, the program won’t get off the ground.

If your church would like to be involved in this program, contact local organizer Tim Carey at 678-607-1589.

We would hope that every church in Rockdale County that has the means will check out and get involved in this worthwhile project.