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Our Thoughts: Exception to the Rule
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The experts tell us that your 60s are really the new 40s, really.

That might have a chance of being true if you are talking about one’s mind.

Someone forgot to inform Mother Nature that your 60-year-old body is supposed to perform the same as your 40-year-old body.

As in normal life, there is always an exception to any rule; Ms. Mary Lee Sharp is that exception. Ms. Mary turned 109 years old this past week.

She acts and looks like she could go on another 109 years.

Her motto is “Learn something new everyday.”

 A motto we could all improve our lives by embracing.

Ms. Mary could also be the poster child for many of the cancer-fighting groups in our area as she beat having colon cancer when she was a mere youth of 80.

We wish Ms. Mary Lee Sharp the happiest of birthdays and thanks for the good you have done in your life.