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Our Thoughts: Elections Board
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For months, the actions of the election board of Rockdale County have been a shameful thorn in the side of Rockdale County’s image, not only for itself but its image around the state.

Judge Sidney Nation solved that problem last week when he dismissed Lynn Brown and Garvin Haynes from the elections board which allowed both parties a chance to show some good common sense to appoint new members to this board.

Apparently the chair of the Rockdale Republican Party, Don Williamson, didn’t get the judge’s message.

The Republican party’s county committee immediately appointed the husband of dismissed board member Lynn Brown, Jonny Brown, to this position.

This, as far as we are concerned, was a display of complete disdain for the Judge’s decision; it was also a slap in the face of all the voters of Rockdale County.

Williams and his committee should meet again and reconsider this appointment.

Otherwise, this action is a stain on the reputation of the Rockdale GOP and completely discredits the party anytime they say they’re working for the good of the county.

If not, some of the members of the Republican party, who we know to have good common sense and care about the welfare and well being of their community, should meet and use the same good sense that Judge Nation did in removing the election board members and remove their chairman and appoint someone who has respect for the well being of our community.