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Our thoughts... County Budget
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The County Commissioners passed by a vote of 2-1 at its first reading a proposed $54.5 million budget for Rockdale County.

This reflects a 1.6 percent increase over last year.

Commissioners Oden and Nesbit voted for this increase and Commissioner Van Ness voted no.

We agree with Commissioner Van Ness. There is no excuse in these economic times to raise the budget in Rockdale county; we doubt whether one local business is planning to raise their budget this year.

Chairman Oden and commissioner Nesbit must have their heads buried deep in a sand pile somewhere.

Just this past month the American voting public spoke loud and clear on how they felt about government officials who continue to spend as if the economy had not changed.

We are asking our commissioners to set an example of fiscal prudence and go back and at least present a budget that reflects no increase this year. It’s the courageous and boldest action to take.

We are asking Chairman Oden and Commissioner Nesbit to reconsider their votes make the cuts that are necessary and present to the citizens of Rockdale a real Christmas present — a budget that reflects no increase for 2011.

The next voting session is on Dec. 7 at 6 p.m. at the JP Carr Room