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Our thoughts: Cold weather
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According to some renowned experts on weather, like Al Gore and President Obama, we are in the dawn of global warming. As you celebrate that fact while you are shivering in the intense cold this morning, we would ask you to be cautious.

If you use a fireplace make sure you have a clean chimney, use proper wood and make sure you clear the area around your stove or fireplace of anything that can burn. Most importantly, please make sure you have a fire alarm with batteries are up-to-date.

Also, do not make a mistake and mix gasoline with kerosene, or vice versa, depending upon the heating device you have. In other words, read the directions and follow them.

If you go outside watch for black ice spots" in both driving and walking. Bundle up in layers so that you don’t get frostbite, which can cause permanent damage to your skin.

If you have animals, be kind to them also. Just because they have a body covered by fur doesn’t mean that this sustained freezing weather can not harm them.