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Our Thoughts: Change
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While the recent election brought about a sweep of Republicans into office across the state and nation, in Rockdale it was Democrat Dr. Doreen Williams who was swept into office and Republican JaNice Van Ness who was swept out of office.

It’s too bad we couldn’t have both Van Ness and Williams in office.

We want to thank Van Ness for her service. We respect her direct honesty and energy. She has never been afraid to fight for what she has believed in and is a successful businesswoman and educator.

We don’t think she is going to fade off into the sunset after this; that’s not her personality.

She has shown she loves her community and is willing to put in the time to see that it stays the progressive community that is.

Dr. Doreen Williams is from a western state and with all of our dealings with Westerners we have found them to be direct and to the point and for the most part honest.

The major concern that we have heard expressed is if she will be an independent thinker as she serves on the BOC Post 2 position, that she will not be swayed by political party affiliation or any other type of like pressure.

Williams has made it clear that she will be her own person; we believe her.

We wish JaNice Van Ness the very best in her future activities and we wish Dr. Doreen Williams the very best in helping to bring our county into a positive future.