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Our Thoughts: Budget
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Rockdale County is still in a recovery process from the great recession of 2008.

That is why we find it hard to understand why Rockdale County Board of Commissioners Chairman Richard Oden would propose a budget that exceeds the revenue provided by the current tax base.

This year’s budget request exceeds last year’s budget by $5 million dollars.

Granted, a goodly portion of the proposed budget will go for public safety, which we are sure a majority of local taxpayers support. However, if the Rockdale government had to operate like a private business in order to increase the expense for public safety, then some other departments would have to be cut to come up with the requested increase in expenses.

If this budget is approved as presented, either money has to be taken from the reserves or you are going to be asked to pay more taxes.

Let your BOC representative know how you feel, but don’t doddle; you only have until December 9