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Our thoughts: Being counted
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For nearly as long as there have been governments, there have been population counts, also known as a census. In fact, Mary and Joseph were traveling to Bethlehem in order to be counted for the census when Jesus was born.

In today’s world, fortunately, it is a lot easier to be counted than in those early days.

We agree that a census is needed in our country and we support that it takes place every 10 years. This year the census report will only contain 10 questions as opposed to the pages that we have filled out in the past.

The one thing we don’t agree with is that no one will be asked the question if they are a legal citizen of this country.

For the government to count people who are not legal citizens of this country is a slap in the face of all taxpaying citizens of this country.

In counting illegal aliens and treating them the same as legal law abiding citizens of this country, the census report will provide false information that can be used by unscrupulous politicians and also will not be statistically reliable.

This practice is wrong and completely alien to the wishes of the founding fathers of this country. It was under Thomas Jefferson’s watch that the census began in 1790.

The practice of counting illegal aliens will lead to further manipulation of voting districts by elected officials, which makes the 2010 census a joke.