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Our thought: Presidential vacations
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Speaking of politicians spending your money, the Obama family is taking a trip to Africa, supposedly to beef up relations with Senegal and Tanzania, two countries we are sure are vital to the security of the United States.

According to the Washington Post, the eight-day trip is going to cost the American tax payers between $60 million and $100 million dollars.

There was also a safari for the first family being planned at another major cost, but the Washington Post report squelched that.

We fully understand the president needs to travel around the world to represent our interests and obviously, all means need to be taken to protect him.

He currently is in Northern Ireland at a G-8 summit doing just that.

But to go on a junket to Africa to visit two countries that mean nothing to our welfare, while there is not enough money in the coffers to open up the White House for visitors just doesn't make any sense.

We are suffering from a lack of respect for our president and our country by our fellow countrymen; we need a leader to be here in this country in order to explain why we should have a renewed trust in both again.

We don't need a president vacationing in Africa on our tax dime.