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Notes from the Bullpen: Best Weekend Ever?

Rockdale News reporter Martin Rand and Covington News Editor Bryan Fazio shoot the breeze on this weekend's plethora of sports events.


Martin Rand: This weekend is supposed to be the best sports weekend of the year. You've got the NBA playoffs, the NFL drafts, the Boston Red Sox- Yankees are playing. It's the best rivalry in sports. The horse racing. And the NHL playoffs are going on. And the New York Rangers are playing, trying to get back to the Stanley Cup Finals.

Bryan Fazio: Martin, you're not watching the Mayweather-Pacquao fight?

MR: I'd rather watch the highlights on ESPN. Plus you know HBO is going to show the fight next week for free.

BF: The cheapest ticket on StubHub right now is $3,500. A floorside seat is $350,000. Pay-Per-View is $100. If it was three years ago, I'd insist on paying. The last fight I saw was Tyson-Holyfield.

MR: I would rather watch the fight (than the Kentucky Derby) but I'm not paying ridiculous amounts of money to watch a fight. Plus the Kentucky Derby is start of the Triple Crown races - the Kentucky Derby, the Preakness and the Belmont. They always win the first two, but then they lose the third.

BF: Plus it's a bourbon holiday. At Mystic Grill, I taught the bartender how to make a mint julep. She made five or six of those that night... This year's supposed to be the best field since ‘73. There's supposed to be I think five undefeated horses.

MR: Oh, and probably the best movie of the year - Age of Ultron - is opening this weekend! You CANNOT be bored this weekend. You will find something to do.