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Not in vain
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Voting is one of those fundamental rights that most citizens pay lip service to but rarely demonstrate they value in their actions by actually going out and voting.

The projected turnout for this year's city of Conyers election was 10 percent. As of Thursday, only 58 voters - or two percent of active, registered city of Conyers voters, who are about 6,163 - had cast their ballots in the early election process. In 2007, only 8 percent of active registered voters cast their ballots in the Conyers general election.

So the city council seats and the mayor of the city are going to be chosen by one-tenth of the voters.

The ability to vote is, in some ways, like having functioning plumbing. You don't notice it much or appreciate it when it's there. But once it's not, then you definitely feel the difference.

Too many people take their right to vote for granted. Too many forget that not too long ago this was something people had to fight for, that people marched, bled and even died to ensure, and that people continue to fight both abroad and at home to make sure ordinary citizens still have that right.

Don't make their sacrifices be in vain. If you are a city of Conyers resident, exercise your right to vote on Nov. 3.

On Tuesday night, you can find up-to-the-minute election results at our Web site,

Polls will be open at Conyers United Methodist Church at 921 North Main Street and Pine Street Elementary at 960 Pine Street on Nov. 3. A valid state issued photo ID, such as a driver's license, or a valid federally issued photo ID are required. For any questions, contact the Rockdale County Board of Elections Office at (770) 278-7333.