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No back to school sales tax break this year
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 Parents won’t see the back-to-school tax break that has driven summer retail sales for eight years in a row, although some stores are offering discounts to make up for it.

The state’s sales tax holiday, which eliminated taxes on school supplies, clothes and computers during the first weekend in August, was canceled this year because of state revenue problems.

“We’re taking away a lot of things that were nice to do,” Gov. Sonny Perdue said in March when he announced the canceled weekend event. “What we’re undergoing, just like all states in this nation, is really a government reset.”

Three bills in the Georgia General Assembly would have continued the tax holidays for school supplies, energy efficient products and water efficient products, but none passed. Legislators said the August weekend costs the state $12 million in revenue and the energy-efficient day in October costs $500,000 in tax revenue, which was more than they were willing to give up.

Some local businesses have decided to provide their own tax holiday instead.

The Sprouts and The Garden resale stores recently held its own back to school "tax free" holiday on July 17, where the store paid the cost of any sales tax.

"The shop was packed from the moment we opened," wrote owner Kellie Collins, in an email. "One shopper was actually walking around saying, 'Oh thank you, Jesus!' She got seven or eight pairs of jeans for her older girls for about $25 and she came back again and got more items later."

She said the stores might have another tax-holiday sale in September.

Surrounding states Alabama, North Carolina, South Carolina and Tennessee will hold a tax-free weekend Aug. 6 to 8, the weekend before classes start in Hall County. Florida will host one the weekend after — Aug. 13 to 15.