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New Hobbies?
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There are tons of things I have always wanted to try, but assume I will be useless at it and never bother trying. Not this year. I am a crap artist. An orangutan with a paintbrush could do better than me. But that hasn’t ever stopped my desire to try the whole Paint Your Own Pottery thing. So I’m doing it this year. I’ll take my child, because why not, and we’ll both make some rubbish pottery (though his will be better than mine, I’ve no doubt) that we can cherish(?) forever. All it costs me is whatever the price is for the piece. If it’s ugly, so what? I can run it over with my car, or smash it and use it to make a mosaic birdbath (which I have also always wanted to do). Maybe I’ll find some sort of hidden talent – though I doubt it. But what I will be doing is saying to heck with it. It’s something I want to try, so why not? Yet another thing I can say I did in my life. If you want to live a full life, you’ve got to chance making a fool out of yourself. As Jake the Dog says in one of my son’s (and mine) favorite hipster cartoons, “Adventure Time,” “Dude, sucking is the first step to being sorta’ good at something.”