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Nesbitt: Seconds save lives
Commissioner Oz Nesbitt, Sr.

Currently we, the Rockdale County of Board of Commissioners are in the midst of Budget Season which includes a series of meetings and negotiations as we review the requested budgetary items proposed by each department.

I'm 100 percent in favor of finding funds to continue to make pay and salaries competitive for all of our employees in an effort to attract and retain the best possible talent.

I've decided to take a positive and progressive step forward in support of all county Public Safety personnel. The community, the citizens both homeowners and business owners alike have expressed in record number their willingness to see an increase in both Fire division and Sheriff's Office salaries.

If we're ever going to continue to be a perfectly positioned community with a rock solid approach, then being rock solid is exactly what we as community leaders are going to have do.

It's tight, it's tough, it's right and it's time. I'm standing tall alongside Fire Chief Dan Morgan and Sheriff Eric Levett in support of progressively moving our county forward.

I'm casting my vote well in advance in support of the request submitted by Sheriff Eric Levett and Fire Chief Dan Morgan. I strongly encourage my colleagues Chairman Richard Oden and Commissioner JaNice Van Ness to respond to the concerns of the community.

Seconds saves lives, dispatchers saves seconds. It's time for the three of us to allow our actions to match our words.

Respectfully, Oz Nesbitt, Sr.
Commissioner, Rockdale County