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Murder trial continues with interviews of defendant
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Jurors got a chance to see two interviews conducted with Hakim Muhammad the day of the alleged murder of his wife Sheila Muhammad on Nov. 4, 2009.

During the third day of the murder trial of Muhammad of his estranged wife Shelia Muhammad in the Rockdale County Superior Court, the state presented two approximately 40 to 45 minute interviews conducted by Rockdale County Sherriff's Department Lt. Matt Wolfe.

Before each interview lead prosecutor Assistant District Attorney Deborah Sullivan presented the jury with the Miranda Rights explained to and signed by the defendant.

Then the interview was played on a television screen with audio, redacting long periods of Muhammad sitting waiting, for time purposes.

During the first interview conducted earlier in the day, Muhammad explained his story of the day of the alleged murder. According Hakim, Shelia spent the evening at his house and then the two went to get cigarettes.

After getting cigarettes Shelia went back to her home to get a laptop for her online college course. The two lived in separate homes since Shelia signed a lease for the house at 825 Cochise Trail on Nov. 1. Hakim said that they were separated because Shelia reportedly was bipolar.

"She was bipolar, she was diagnosed last year," Hakim said to Wolfe. "She's done a lot for me; I can't say that she's a bad woman, just bipolar.

"We went to a marriage counselor. Every marriage isn't perfect."

According to the interview Sheila had been worried of a break-in in her new home, and Hakim was aware of that on the day of her death.

After Sheila went back to the house at 825 Cochise Trail for her laptop, Hakim said he got worried and walked to her house. After seeing the doors were locked, he then broke a window upon where he found the latch was unlocked. He then said he opened the window and went inside.

Hakim said he found Shelia lying on the floor with something around her neck.

"I saw a key chain," Hakim said. "I thought she tried to kill herself. I thought she did when I saw the think around her neck. I didn't know what to think."

Hakim also said during the interview that Sheila had tried to kill herself once before, taking 10 pills in her car. However, Hakim later said the hospital report found no pills in her system.

Wolfe continually asked Hakim why he didn't drive to her house, when his car was at his home. Wolfe also questioned why Hakim broke the window when there was no yells or signs of struggle to the outside.

"I don't know, I wasn't thinking," Hakeem said when asked why he didn't drive.
During the second interview Hakim was quieter and more emotional when pressed about a possible murder.

"Don't you think your 9-year old deserves to know the story?" Wolfe asked.
Hakim simply responded "Of course."

Hakim told Wolfe that Sheila attacked him with the same ribbon that is being proposed as the murder weapon, and that he didn't know what angered her.

"I don't know I don't remember anything," Hakim said. "She tried to choke me with it."

Testimony continues this afternoon.